"Clark, A week ago was the 2nd anniversary of our home purchase. My wife mentions how much she loves our home property at least once a week. We are STILL so happy with the service and help you gave us!! You were so patient with us. And for the time you spent with us, you probably didn’t make a ton of money in the deal. We’ve still got some work to do to get it where we want it but we want you to know how thankful we are to have been referred in your direction by others. They gave you high marks and we weren’t disappointed! Thanks again." Jack and Nancy 2017 "My wife and I wanted to move back to Chester County to be closer to our family. We did a lot our own research in what type of house we wanted. We met with several realtors, all seem to be going after the “sale” and not what we wanted. They all knew nothing of construction, or the area. From our frustration a co-worker recommended Clark to us. We asked why was he any different? Our friend said, “ the guy knows his stuff about houses, he is a contractor and knows what to look for. He will point out the good bad and ugly. ”Well that is spot on! Once we told him what we are looking for, he went out and found it. Plus on top of that he was very knowledgeable about stucco, which looked fine to us but he advised us to have it tested. Glad we did. Clark saved us over 10k and future problems. Not to mention he negotiated a heck of good deal for us. We are very happy with our new home. Thank you Clark."
Joe N 2016
"My father was in the process of moving to a senior living facility and we were faced with the task of cleaning out his home and putting it on the market. I was overwhelmed as my brother and I both live out of state and the amount of work involved seemed insurmountable. Clark came to the rescue. He cleaned out my dad’s house, donated goods, had items sent to auction (which we received the proceeds) and disposed of things that we no longer wanted. Clark also prepared our house for sale and was very accommodating to my father, travelling to his home to get papers signed and explaining the entire sales process. I would highly recommend Clark as he was efficient, honest, flexible and knowledgeable. He made this transition so much easier for my entire family. "
Diane, Sept.16
"I have now purchased two older homes with Clark as my realtor. His extensive knowledge of older houses, his experience as a licensed contractor, and his attention to detail were all very helpful in making my purchases. Clark is also an exceptional negotiator, and is willing to go the extra mile to get repairs done by the sellers and to get to a price that is realistic and fair. I highly recommend Clark to everyone I know who is looking to buy or sell a home in Pennsylvania.”
— Rob R. June, 2016
"In March, 2016 my family faced a heartbreaking decision. Both of our parents were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s dementia. It was now our responsibility to take care of their finances and to sell their home as soon as possible. That is when Clark Faggioli and Changing Times came to our rescue. Without his knowledge and expertise we would have had a difficult time liquidating the contents of the home and selling the property. He was there for us every step of the way, answering our questions and giving us his expert advice. We would recommend Clark and Changing Times to anyone facing down-sizing and selling their home."
— J. Ring
"I would highly recommend Clark Faggioli as a real estate agent. I have used him for three different transactions (the sale of a home in West Chester, the purchase of a new home north of Coatesville, and one other) The “one other” transaction is of particular note. A friend of ours had specially modified her home in Narvon for the care of her severely handicapped son. As part of a nasty divorce, her estranged husband was now trying to force her and her son to move out, which would force her son into an institution. We were able to purchase the home for her, enabling her to stay in the home for the remainder of her son’s life. We couldn’t have done it without Clark – he actually spent a day at the courthouse, negotiating with the judge and various attorneys. Clark was finally able to obtain a court order enabling us to purchase the home."
— Mark Kaptur, 2016